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Hi folks,

Is there an international doctor list (or lists) that can enable Thyroid sufferers to find GPs who will prescribe Whole Thyroid? I live in Dunedin New Zealand and have found one. His name is Dr. Wayne Morris and he is the leading doctor at the Garden's Health Centre Dunedin. The other doctors at this Centre are also sympathetic to those who prefer Whole (natural) thyroid. As it seems difficult to find a suitable doctor for the majority of sufferers, there should be a published list.

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I only know of the list held by admin of this forum for docs in the UK.

What you suggest is an excellent idea but who would compile and maintain the list?



Hi there Mongolia 1.... It is always interesting to hear from someone in NZ, a country that I love having been very fortunate to visit twice as I have a cousin living there.

I would like to ask what brand of NDT is prescribed there? Is it produced in NZ or do they have to buy a brand in from abroad?

How fantastic that it can be prescribed for you there.

I have heard of so many things where NZ are way ahead of us.However, I do realise that you pay for your health treatment NHS .I think it will soon be going that way for us too!

Your thoughts are very interesting,however,it would be quite a lot of work for someone to put into being.

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Hi Marfit,

The only brand of NDT that is prescribed in NZ is compounded at 'Pharmaceutical Compounding NZ' Auckland. It is in capsule form bio-identical to 'Armour'. Fortunately there is an increasing number of doctors in NZ who are willing to prescribe NDT but the percentage is still very small. In Dunedin there is only a handful of GPs who do and the endocrinologists are almost uniformly in opposition. Unlike Levothyroxine it is not funded or subsidised. and is not 'approved' although it is listed as a medication that is available on prescription. It costs me around $65 for 3 months supply. If I require a dose that is outside the usual range (eg anything other than 15mg, 30mg, 45mg, 60mg etc), the cost is doubled. I would really like to get a list established of NZ doctors who prescribe it to help other NZrs. Synthetic FT3 is also available on prescription but is not funded. Synthroid (fully funded) is the medication of choice for most GPs. It is almost impossible for anyone to order NDT on line, as our border controls regarding pharmaceuticals is rigidly controlled.


Thank you mongolia1 that was really interesting and good of you to explain.......I will have to look up your exchange rate as when I first came to NZ in 1994 it used to be 3 NZ dollars to the pound.....but not now and yes I know you have strict border controls.

You may be a long way from UK....12,000 miles but it is at least very good that we are all able to communicate on Thyroid issues.

All best wishes.


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