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Pessimistic or realistic?

Good evening everyone,

My endocrinologist appointment is coming up and i am in two minds whether to go.

On my last visit she said that nothing could be done to help me, any requests I made for differen't tests were denied ands she was not interested in any of my sympoms/suffering.

At the end of the appointment she asked when I wanted to come back and see her, I was confused at why she wanted to see me again, but got sent an appointment.

My first theory is that she wants to stop my Liquid T4, hoping that my TSH is only just above the range so she can justify stopping the medication or my second theory is that maybe she was pleased with the research I had done and wants me back as she believes I would have made improvements, that she can then pass on to help others.

Any thoughts on this would be really helpful, as with everything that has gone on my view of the medical profession has been clouded in the past few years.

Thank you

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My view of doctors has been a little clouded at times in the past but you should go back, continue to fight your corner, even if its just to give them a piece of your mind, it will make you feel better and that you've covered every corner. Best of luck in your journey. x


Thank you Polly3, I would happily go back, but I am worried she will stop the medication and being a liquid I can not buy it.

Best wishes



KW, Thyroid meds are supposed to get levels within range and keep them there, so endo won't stop them for that reason.

If she's learned anything from you that she can pass on to others I hope the lesson is that doctors shouldn't be so crass as to tell a patient they can't be helped. She may not have the competence or skill to help you but another doctor might. The other lesson is that generic Levothyroxine isn't tolerated by everyone and liquid thyroxine is better for some people.

I'd go to the consultation and ask for the tests again. Maybe she'll agree this time.


Morning Clutter,

Thank you for putting my mind at rest, If she can not stop the medication then I will certainly go back.

I hope she will be more accommodating, and can see how determined I am to get well and notice the improvements I have made : >


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