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thyroid storm; now that I have won slimmer of the week and lost 10 pounds in two weeks I now have the body to die for!

tsh -0.01 normal range 0.2 to 5

t4 0.8 normal range 9 to 21

t3 5.4 normal range 5 to 6.9

last week t3 is 8.9 and t4 1.1

I went to hospital for two weeks complaining of crazy symptoms. last night I was mr motivator on crack 100 fold. first time I had massive energy in three 3 years.

I was rushed to hospital with suspected thyroid storm.

will talk more later

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Gosh how terrible flashingthepan.

Are you feeling better now? Your T4 is really very low.



am I at the point of death or? I don't feel right at all


Oh, I hope not. I hope you are recovering whatever you have.

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