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Raised enzyme in liver-hypothyroid connection?

I was told I had a raised enzyme but the (young) doctor brushed this aside and focused on my thyroid issues as I was just diagnosed at that time-3 years ago. I've been steady on 50mcg Levo and various supplements but just wondered if anyone had a similar dignosis? Seeing doc next month for my regular bloods so will slot in a liver function at same time, but now wondering if I should detox-or maybe just drink alcohol at weekends......I'm not a lush but would hate to think I'm putting myself at risk with a few life enhancing lagers several nights per week 3-4 glasses or so.....

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I presume its a high ALT that he referred to and this occurs in un treated or undertreated Hypothyroid


I agree with reallyfedup. the body often dysfunctions when under prescribed on thyroid treatment. Until it sorted though you might want to cut down on the lagers though to give your body a chance to cope better.

The other common cause of liver dysfunction can be weight gain around the middle and accumulation of fat around and in the liver. This would show up on a ultra scan -your GP might send you to have that done to check.


Yep, most people with hashimoto's do it seems


I have graves and my liver alp is consently raised Dr worried me sick about it she seemed uninterested with thyroid but kept banging on about liver when I spoke to endo he said he wasn't concerned as it was just one isolated emyzine and would be more worried if they were all raised I did take mock thistle for 6 weeks before my blood test along with vitamin d

And although it is stil raised it did bring it down quite a bit


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