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Recommended doc

I am considering seeing a doc for my hashis and adrenal issues.

After going round in circles with Levo, Levio/T3, Armour and now still unwel on T3 only I have decided to give it another go at trying to get some help.

Have looked at the recommended list provided by thyroid UK and would be v grateful to receive any recommendations/feedback. I am based in west London but don't mind travelling anywhere short of Mars (and I might give that a go).

It wd also be useful to get any negative feedback so I can put that into the mix.

Many thanks

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I know a good private gp in london, not on the list. Pm me if interested. He prescribes ndt and believes in adrenal fatigue unlike nhs. He is much cheaper than an endo.


Thank you so much for replying.

I wd be grateful for details.


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