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Young hypothyroid suffer

I am 18years old and have suffered with hypothyroidism for almost two years since having my thyroidectomy in 2013 to prevent me getting cancer. I have scrolled and searched to find a support group for people my age and hit a brick wall everytime and so have decided to create one myself

if you know of any young people who would or could benefit from this please direct them here

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Welcome to our forum and I am sorry you've had a thyroidectomy at such a young age.

I hope you have now recovered and are on a dose of levothyroxine or T4/T3 which makes you feel relatively well again.

It's also good you've got a facebook page too which will be helpful to other young sufferers..


You aren't still suffering are you? Have they got you on sufficient meds to suppress your tsh and make you well? You need free t4 and free t3 towards the top end of their respective ranges. Any idea. What level yours are?

Xx g


Well done you! I had Grave's at 19 and then hypo due to RAI at 22 in the days before the internet and struggled to find someone my age who would understand what its like. Good luck!


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