Repeat thyroid function test


I went to the doctors today to say that I was constantly exhausted and had put on weight and mentioned that my TSH was raised in my previous test in June so I am having a repeat thyroid test of my TSH, free T3, Free T4 as well as my TPO antibodies next Wednesday and she said if rheumatoid indicators still point towards a low thyroid then she will start me on medication as I have symptoms.

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  • That's good but have your blood test as early as possible as that's when the TSH is highest and can make the difference between being diagnosed or not.

  • And don't eat or drink, apart from water, until after the blood draw.

  • My appointment is at 9.10am next Wednesday morning and yes, I will fast until after the test, Thanks

  • also ask your GP to test

    Free T4

    free T3





    ALL ARE INTERDEPENDANT and last 4 must be halfway in their ranges or treatment with levothyroxine will not work

  • Don't forget to have your blood drawn as early in the day as possible.

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