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Some simple test results

You wonderful guys are always an abundance of knowledge, and my GP today was grumpy and intolerant of my questions... Could you perhaps answer them instead?

Serum TSH level 3.75 mu/L then there is a gap which reads 0.30 - 5.50mu/L - is that the range of where 'normal' sits?

The one I'm more interested in is the erythrocytes sedimentation rate which is 2mm/h and the range is 1.00 - 20.00mm/h. Mine looks like its very much on the low side, but I have no idea what this means.

GP reluctantly has sent me for b12, magnesium, iron profile & cortisole blood test. I can see he's going to hate me when I turn up with my private blood test results for full thyroid bloods lol.

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Hi Berlidders, you are right that 0.3-5.55mu/L is the so-called 'normal' range, that is quite high at the top because in USA the top of the normal range is 3 and if you are above that, which you are, it is considered hypothyroid.

The ESR is a marker for generalised inflammation, so the lower it is the better.

I suspect you are right about your doctor hating you, if your GP is anything like the one I used to go to, he hated me having any kind of input into my health, he would have loved if I were to just say yes, doctor, no doctor, three bags full doctor, there is nothing wrong with me, I am just depressed and old, yes I'll take the statins, the inhalers and the antidepressants, thank you doctor, I know my ten minutes is up, have a nice day!

Marie xxx


Thanks Marie, just reading your reply has made me feel more listened to than my GP.

I've paid for full thryroid investigation bloods....once the results are in I will post them.

Thank you for your support x


Not much point in having magnesium tested as it mostly resides in the cells and not the bloodstream ! Shame your Doc didn't know this and he could save the NHS some dosh ! Also the Cortisol blood test is not helpful - the 24 hour saliva test is :-) Just assume you are deficient in Magnesium and take some - perhaps there are good levels in your Multi-Vitamin and Mineral pot..... Magnesium can also be absorbed through the skin in the form of an oil....


Yeah I read that the saliva test is the best but the nhs dont do it. I went for the blood test none the less as I wanted to show that I am pushy regardless.

I've stopped every single supplement in order for my thyroid function tests to come back as real as possible. Soon as I'm more in the picture I can then begin putting together a plan for supplementing. I can't wait.

I feel horribly Ill and I've now got septic tonsillitis & blood tests came back positive for glandular fever too so I'm feeling pretty grim right now.

B xx


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