I have had certain allergies for over 7 yes and 4 yes ago was sent for angiogram and took severe reaction to the iodine they injected since being on this wonderful forum I have found out that the thyroid needs iodine mentioned this to gp but was told I was fine 2 days later a locum said he's concerned because my thyroid is still swollen am so annoyed x

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  • Hello amssmith7,

    I googled this and found a link relating to the effects, adverse and allergic reactions to iodine based contrast materials.

    Any GP should be aware of the link between the thyroid and iodine and his dismal of your thyroid swelling is outrageous. I have not heard of your problem before and you may find the swelling goes down as the iodine leaves the body.

    However, I would ask for a full thyroid panel to be carried out in order to assess what is happening and if you are not happy, insist on a referral to see an endocrinologist asap.

    I hope you feel better soon,


  • I've never heard iodine being injected but I'm not in the medical field. Normally you take it orally or put it on skin. I've been posting a video which explains how the thyroid works.

  • In order to act as a contrast agent, which may be needed for some forms of medical imaging, iodine/iodine-containing substances can be injected. Many people appear to tolerate this single dose without difficulty but others have reactions and can suffer serious side-effects.

    The iodine is being used for its physical characteristics.

  • Where can I find these videos please.

  • He is very interesting and has many, many videos on youtube. You might click on the youtube icon at bottom right and get to the youtube website. Look for his name right under his video title since other people post them as well.

  • I had quite a spat with the nurse when they wanted to inject it in to me. I asked what it was, was told it was dye, I asked for the contents and the nurses were getting quite agitated. It was confirmed it was iodine. I agreed to it but felt pretty dreadful for a few days after.

    Never again!

    Suggest you leave it for a couple of weeks then get everything tested. Tsh, free t3, free t4, antibodies, d3, ferritin... If the doctor won't play ball, blue horizon do the whole gamut for £99.00.

    Xx g

  • Had no idea that iodine was in the dye used for the angiogram but I had no ill effects.

  • Thanks guys it helps having this forum going to get appointment with my own doctor x

  • Hi ammsmith, I must have been half asleep when responding the first time. Of course it is used as a contrast agent for internal imaging. I was thinking of using it for some sort of treatment. People are often given large doses of antihistamine if they are allergic to the iodine although a hot flush is normal for anyone.

  • Amssmith, how long ago was this iodine injection? 4 years? And when did your thyroid become swollen? Why do you think there's a connection between the two?

    The thyroid does need iodine to make thyroid hormone but the amount used in the injection would have been very small. And whilst it might have given you an instant reaction, I very much doubt that it would be still having an effect 4 years later.

    I confess, I don't really understand your question.

  • I was just wondering if it was connected I am allergic to shellfish and I read you need oily fish to be honest I have read so much I am bamboozled lol x

  • Shellfish and oily fish are not the same thing.

    Are you perhaps thinking that the iodine injection started your allergy to iodine and that's why you can't tolerate shellfish? And now you're worried your not getting enough iodine because of the allergy, and you blame the people that gave you the injection and think you're not getting enough iodine and that's why you're hypo? Have I got that right?

    Well, if that's the case, the first thing you need to do is get tested for iodine and find out if you're deficient. And you need to get your thyroid tested and post the results here, and we can take it from there. OK? :)

  • Can you go to a homeopathic doctor or an allergist to get help to get over your allergy to iodine? It's not just the thyroid that needs it - lots of other body parts really need it too. Going without it due to allergy is not a good option. Getting over the allergy is the answer here - and a homeopath or an allergist can help you with that. Also - have you taken selenium, and does that help?

  • Have you ever heard of anyone getting over an iodine allergy?

  • Yes - my mother. She worked with allergists and homeopaths.

  • No I haven't taken selenium not been advised to just been left to get on with it I am mad now though and going to kick ass x

  • I had a hysterectomy 9 yrs ago and was on hormone patches for 3 yrs then I was taken off them because high risk (I carry bracca 2gene) I started developing allergies to shellfish,salmon ,seeweed strawberries, kiwi dust,latex I was tested and carry an epi pen. I have degenerative disk disease,IBS bladder problems I had nodules removed from my throat they were benign thank god when I went for angiogram it was because of pain in heart and breathlessness I told them I had allergies but they forgot to give me a dose of antyhystamine and I took bad reaction to the iodine I was angry at the time but I have realised my allergies need more investigation I have realised my symptoms are same as hypo and over the years I have been tested and was told I was borderline but now realise I need more from GP am going to be more forcefull thanks so much everyone I can see a light at the end of the tunnel x

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