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adrenal fatigue treatment?

I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, and have been on Medrol since 2011. I have tried to wean off it several times, so far without success. The only thing I've managed to do was to go from 6 mg to 4 mg daily.

Years ago, I was on Isocort, and did great on it. That was before I had been officially diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. However, I've read that it's no longer being manufactured.

Does anyone know of a good replacement product for adrenal fatigue? I've read that a product called SR-Adrenal is recommended by some US practitioners; however, as far as I understand it, SR-Adrenal contains adrenal substance, not just cortex (like Isocort), which also means you'll be getting some adrenaline along with the cortisol.

In 2011, when I saw my current doctor for the first time, blood and 24 h urine analyses showed that my cortisol levels were about 50% of what they should ideally be. Back then, after a decade on thyroxine only, I was puffy and retained water. Because of that, my doctor decided that Medrol would be better for me than natural hydrocortisone.

Medrol has been convenient, in that it only needs to be taken once a day, but I am not sure it has done that much for me...on the other hand, it must do something, as I feel terrible every time I try to wean off it.

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You could try some of the natural alternatives like Rhodiola Root Extract, but get one without mag stearate and other junk


OK, thanks for the tip!


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