Enlarged thyroid but normal bloods

I've posted before but my thyroid is really big at the moment and causing me discomfort upon swallowing. I've started to choke too. :(

I've had repeated blood tests over the last couple of years; the whole hog including thyroid antibodies. I'm smack bang in all the normal ranges, not even borderline low/high. I've seen a well respected endo who was puzzled but discharged me after running every blood test under the sun.

I remain unconvinced, given that I have 3 autoimmune diseases. It seems too coincidental. What else can I do?

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  • Crashdoll, have you had thyroid peroxidase (TPOab) and thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAb) tested? Some patients are negative for TPOab which is the usual NHS antibody test but positive for TgAb which isn't often tested and you may have to do privately.

    If Hashimoto's is attacking your thyroid this can make it swell initially but eventually will cause atrophy. An ultrasound scan will show whether there is evidence of Hashimoto's damage to the thyroid gland.

  • without knowing those blood test results its hard to help BUT

    "slap bang in the middle " sounds the reason you are not well

    TSH should be near 1 and Free T4 and Free T3 should be in UPPPER QUADRANT of their ranges

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