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Should my son be treated?

Hi. My dad and I both suffer from hypothyroidism. I have suspected my son may have it too for quite a while, he is 10. He doesn't suffer badly, but he's always seemed more tired than his friends, his voice gets hoarse easily and his adult teeth are taking along time to come through. I took him to the docs and they tested him, they said his result was satisfactory tsh-4.3. Any opinions please x

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Welcome to the forum, Zibby78.

Can you post the lab ref range (the figures in brackets after the results). It will be helpful to see where in the range your son's TSH result is. I believe the TSH of children may be higher than that of adults.


Hi, sorry I don't know what this is. I only know his tsh because I asked on the phone, haven't got anything written down. Thanks for replying x


Zibby, I think the TSH is high and wanted the lab ref range to see how high.

I suggest you ask for your son to be retested in 6 months if his sympoms haven't improved. Ask for the lab ref range in addition to the TSH result.


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