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TSH and FT4-what next?

Advice appreciated- my latest results (posted in another post I put up last week) showed my TSH at 0.1 [0.2-5.5] and my Free T4 at 18.1 pmol/L [ 10.0-24.5] .

Annoyingly although they took 8 blood samples and gave me 10 pages of results, they gave no T3 level. Grrrr :(

I am currently on 125mcg Levo daily with 150mcg twice a week ( previous doctor was unhappy with TSH at 0.09 but as per usual it has now settled back at 0.1) .

This new Dr seems to be willing to help- do I ask for 150mcg levo daily and for a T3 AND T4 test , or should I ask directly for T3????

Bit stuck as I feel like c**p, extremely tired, aching, brain fog etc.

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Cal, you're more likely to get a dose increase to 150mcg than T3. If your FT3 test shows low T3 that justifies asking for T3 to be added to T4 but you might need an endo recommendation before your GP can prescribe T3.

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Hi there. I'm so sorry that you're feeling dreadful. I picked up on you saying that you feel 'achy'. I think from what I've read that that is associated with o low T3 level. Perhaps you're not converting as well as you should?

Could you afford to take an FT3 test ( the finger prick test would do from Blue horizon).

They are very helpful if you phone them up. Perhaps you could take the test result to your next appointment if it proves interesting.

Some find if they add just a little of T3 to there levothyroxine it seems to resolve the issue of aching.

I'm sorry I can't help more.x


I recently asked GP to do T3 etc and when I got my results the GP told me no T3 was done by the lab ( phone consultation ), I asked for a copy n low and behold there was a t3 result but under the it's full name triiodothyronine ! It's beggars belief , I have no faith in there knowledge on thyroid !


I have a full copy of all the results- I always ask for a copy nowadays- and they didn't do one :(


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