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How to read my blood results?

Hello I hope someone can help me to understand my blood test results. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos 25 years ago and at that time right side of my thyroid gland was removed. As a post operation care doctors did nothing.

After having my 2 boys I got symptoms of under active thyroid and was described Levothyroxine. I have now been eating this for 15 years. One year ago the dosage was increased from 150microg to 175microg and I felt better for about 2 months. After this i started getting symptoms of overdosing of Levothyroxine: Palpitations, nausea/dizziness, difficulty to sleep and panic attacks to name a few.

I was told to start taking 125microg and after 2 moths I started taking 150 my self as I was feeling so bad.

At the moment I feel constantly tired, low mood, joint pains and hair loss. I think I have problem in converting the T4 to T3 as I think my T3 is getting lower.

My blood test history is :

July 2014 on 175 microg:

-Free T4 27 (9-24)

-TSH < 0.1 (0,3-6)

-Free T3 5.2 (3.5-6.5)

October 2014 on 175 microg:

-Free T4 26.9 (9-24)

-TSH < 0.1 (0,3-6)

-Free T3 Not taken (3.5-6.5)

February 2015 on 175 microg:

-Free T4 Not taken

-TSH < 0.1 (0,27-4.2)

-Free T3 4.6 (3.9-6.7)

-Also taken:

-Thyroidperoxidase antibody 67 (0-59)

-Vitamin D 61 (75-200)

-Ferritin 8 (6-201)

-B12 461 (160-900)

june 2015 on 150 microg:

-Free T4 22.4 (12-22)

-TSH 0.01 (0,27-4.2)

-Free T3 4.2 (3.9-6.7)

Because I cant take bigger dosage of T4 could I start taking T3 to start feeling better? GP is not willing to even have discussion around taking T3 and after visiting endo early June, I haven't heard anything back.

If anyone would be able to help and give advice it would be much appreciated! :)

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Welcome to the forum, Tintti.

Low TSH, high FT4 and low FT3 means you aren't converting T4 to T3 well.

I suggest reducing T4 by 25mcg and adding a quarter tablet of T3 (6.25mcg) for a week or two. If you tolerate the T3 okay, reduce T4 by 12.5mcg and add another 6.25mcg T3.

You'll have swopped out 37.5mcg T4 for 12.5mcg T3 which is an equivalent dose but the T3 will directly improve FT3 and will also stimulate better T4 to T3 conversion.

Have an FT3 test 6-8 weeks after being on 12.5mcg. You can order a private FT3 test from Blue Horizon or Genova via

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are positive so you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). A gluten-free diet can be helpful in reducing Hashi flares and antibodies.

VitD was a bit low in Feb. If you've been in the sun it's probably fine now. If not, supplement 2,000iu D3 daily.

Ferritin is dreadully low, optimal is half way through range. Supplement iron and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

B12 is optimal at 1000. I suggest you supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches and take a B Complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced.


Tintii - others may reply on the thyroid but - a ferritin of 8!!!!!! No wonder you feel tired!! No wonder you have hair loss! I would expect you to be having problems sleeping and maybe to be experiencing anxiety and possibly some panic attacks into the bargain at that level. Have you been taking iron supplements since you got that result, or were you told it was within range, so you're fine? If you haven't been taking supplements you need to start immediately, and get your iron right up to at least 70 -90, which is safe.

At that level you may not be anaemic, but you are certainly iron depleted, your whole body will be struggling because of a lack of iron.


Thank you Clutter and Aspmama for replying!

I wasn't told to do anything after the tests, but started to take vitamin D3 (50 ug per day) and mentioned that to the GP. He said nothing to it or that I should take iron.

I will now start to take the other supplements as well and if I get my Endo to call me (as she promised) I will ask about adding the T3. I have understood that it's not the easiest thing to get, but will try and see what happens.

After reading so many posts in here and following links for more info, I started a gluten free diet almost 2 weeks ago. I know it might take months to feel any benefits, but hopefully that day will come.

Thank you!!

I'll be back with the info about T3.


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