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Switching from Armour to Liothyronine


I have been on 1 grain Armour Thyroid for and 75 mg levothyroxine for about 15 years but I am finding it difficult financially. I went to see a endo Dr Z a couple of months ago and did my blood tests which were free T4 of 16.8. T3 of 3.6 and tSH of 0.01. He prescribed me to go up from 75 Levothyroxine to 100 and take Liothyronine 2mcg half twice a day.

This was about 6 weeks ago and when I made the switch my hair became really dry and lots more than normal falling out so I thought it wS because of change in medication so I ordered some more Armour only to find the price increased fro £51 to £75 and I've been told they will be doing another increase very soon by 50%.

Has anyone had a successful switch from armour to Liothyronine perhaps it was not the switch that caused the hair problem any advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Sukiwarrior, Levo does cause hair loss whether your increasing or decreasing dosage. If you look at the leaflet inside the pack one of its side effects is temporary hair loss.

I am on Levo and have had hair loss as a result but it did stop. I'm now reducing Levo and adding some T3 and my hair loss has started again.

Someone here can tell you if your current dose is correct, that is, equal to 1 grain of Armour as that could make a difference.


Thanks Micha,

I did not know this. Do you think I should stick with the 100 levothyroxine as that was what the endo suggested I had been on 75 for years. I wonder why he put it up if anyone can interpret my blood results.



Sukiwarrior, If you post again but as a question someone will respond. You should also post your blood results alongside the ranges that is the figures inside brackets next to your results. That way someone can see where your results are in relation to the ranges.


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