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I was just wondering if anyone can recommend via PM a source for T3 without prescription (I think it'll have to be Mexico). My T3 and T4 have again come back low but within range. I previously had a test where they were both just out of the bottom of the range and am suffering all of the symptoms of thyroid (weight gain, cold, fuzzy head, exhausted etc) but my endo won't prescribe as they are within "the range".

I'd like to see if I would feel better if I could get T3 above the middle of the range.

Have looked online but some of the pharmacies appear to be scams.

Any help gratefully accepted...

Frustrated but not giving up...


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  • Sammy, Don't buy Triyotex. It's 75mcg slow release. You need 25mcg which can be quartered to 6.25mcg doses to start.

  • Thanks for your advice Clutter

  • Why are you saying not to buy Triyotex please. I have been taking this over the last 6 months or so and need some more. Can you pm me your recommendation instead please?

  • Numberone1, purely because 75mcg is too high a dose for someone about to try T3. You're better off sticking with Triyotex if it suits you rather than switching.

  • Oh, okay. I actually empty the capsule out and split the ingredients. It seems to work ie I split the contents in half and then take a quarter in the morning and quarter in the evening. I tried taking more but found that my T3 results came into a range outside of the top end so have cut back.

  • Can you tell me where you get yours from please. Ive had a few different ones and now Im a bit scared that Im not going for the best.

  • Numberone1, there is no 'best' for everyone. What suits one person doesn't suit another. 'Best' is what suits you. I'm now prescribed Mercury Pharma Liothyronine but also did well on Tiromel.

  • After some research it appears that triyotex 75mcg is weak and more like 25-35mcg I can agree as I'm now hypo again

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