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Mri & lumber puncture

Hi all, I had been sent to a neurologist to rule out hashimotos encephalopathy or whatever it's called these days. He doesn't think I have it but referred me for a brain mri and a lumber puncture.

I Have had the mri which came out feeling like someone had banged me over the head, dizzy, spaced etc. for 24 hours. Has anyone else had this reaction. ( I Know I don't react well to any procedures, operations, dentist etc.) Feel there is no way I can do the lumber puncture as have a really weak lower back anyway and have read so much about the after effects. He also didn't feel confident it would tell him anything which makes me wander why have it.

I am also currently working on advise from Dr P. Which would be great if it cures me.

Love to hear thoughts experiences of this procedure. 😪

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Do you know why have you been referred for a lumbar puncture? What is he looking for?

What symptoms have you been having and are you on any meds?

What blood tests have you had done? If you post the results here, we can see which ones have/haven't been done and help you interpret the results. Make sure you include the ranges with the results.

If you don't have the test results, ask your GP to print them out for you.

Sorry about so many questions!


He was trying to look for what's wrong with me, as apparently this could help find hashimotos encephalopathy, even thought I don't have on initial examination.

As for my symptoms I have chronic fatigue and exhaustion along with aching and tight muscles in my neck and right shoulder and a load of other hypo / adrenal symptoms and have for the last 2 half years.

I have also seen Dr p and on ndt and nax at the moment, and other vitamins and minerals. I am going his advise works, but the other appointments had been that long coming.

My bloods tests are all fine at top of range apart from tsh which is suppressed on ndt.



Hello Epicmom,

I recently had an MRI brain scan but was ok with the procedure .

If you don't want the lumber puncture, don't have one. If it was crucial to treatment then it would be wise to go ahead but your neurologist has said he doesn't think you have encephalitis and "didn't feel confident it would tell him anything."

A lumber puncture is intrusive and should not be taken lightly as you already have a weak back which could be made worse.

You have had the brain scan so your neurologist can reassure you with hopefully good results from that.


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Thanks, I don't think I will be going for it as surely whatever he is looking for can be looked into some other way. Thank you.


Apologies, Epicmom. I misread your post and missed that your neuro is investigating Hashimoto's encephalopathy. I've deleted my previous post which isn't relevant to your question.


Thanks ☺


Never rains but it pours!!!! Just found out I've been bit by a tic with lyme and have the ring bruise thing so on 4 weeks of doxycycline antibiotics. Not sure what that will do to me, but hey ho, will get sorted one day soon. ......Hopefully 😜


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