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Midlands Thyroid Support Group Meeting - 11th July

Do private message me your email address if you are interested in joining our support group. We are a friendly bunch of men and women who are trying to find the answers for each other to feel well. Whether you have hypEr or HypOthyroidism you are welcome to join us. We find things to giggle at too!

I used to hold the meetings in Knowle, Solihull but we have moved into temporary accommodation short term. Some of the members are kindly offering their homes for the meetings. The meeting starts from 2pm on 11th July. I will only give the details out when I email you.

When we move house I will be looking at finding a venue around the Warwick area for the future meetings.

Hope to hear from you.

Sue x

p.s. Louise please would you pin this post - thanks

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Hi I would love to join the group. I live in Redditch and have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed 100mcg levothyroxine daily.


Forgot to say, my email address is <email address> Sorry, I don't know how to PM.

[ Email address removed by admin. This is purely for your own protection. Putting your email address on here makes it very public and could attract unwanted things like spam.

To send a Private Message, click on the person's name or icon. Takes you to their profile page. Near the top, on the right, there is a button that says [ Message ]. Click on that. ]


I would love to join but I live in Nottingham and couldn't travel that far.



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