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Is blue horizon test (thyroid) dry blood sample?

I was interested of Blue Horizon tests as they are much cheaper than test I have used before. I would want to get my antibodies tested as I cannot get them tested over here in Finland. I emailed them and asked if they would ship to Finland, they said they would , but I would have to get it delivered back in 2 days. But if those are dry blood then it is not that big deal to get it delivered back so fast?

My last test was from Nordic Laboratories, but it costs 520 euros as it comes with iodine stress test and consultation with dietitian. Cannot get just thyroid/antibodies. Genova I cannot use as there is no doctor over here in northern Finland who could order the test for me.

That test was partially dry sample and took about 7-10 days to deliver it back(thanks to DHL), and that was not an issue.

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Hi Justina, I don't have experience of Blue Horizon, but have with Genova. You don't need a doctor to get a test done with Genova, you just name Lyn Mynot from Thyroid UK as the practioner, I can't remember the exact words. Worth a try!


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