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Test results


Just had a couple to tests done, and would welcome any advice.

Main symptoms: feeling sluggish, and just generally flaky.

TSH: 1.560 (0.270 - 4.200)

Free T4 19.21 (12 - 22)

Free T3 4.7 (3.1 - 6.8)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies: Negative (<60)

Also had copper serum done:

Copper 12.4 (11 - 20)

Notes: Copper serum is within range, but on the lowish side. Free T4 is slightly high, and the results last month was similar (T4 in range, but high).

Thank you.

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Hi NorfolkRose - do you have a diagnosis and are you currently taking any medication that might help people understand your blood test results?

Can I also ask why you had your copper levels tested? Did you request this?


Hi. No diagnosis. I was taking large doses of anticonvulsants (Epilim & Tegretol Retard), which can affect the endocrine system (amongst other things).

I got the copper done free as part of an offer.


I am not a doctor or medical expert, but your thyroid function results look completely normal to me for someone who isn't taking thyroid hormones and doesn't have a diagnosed problem. TSH is normal and not high normal, FT4 is normal and FT3 is right in the middle of the normal range. The fact that your FT4 is high normal and FT3 normal might suggest your thyroid is not struggling to produce adequate levels of hormone. Negative test for anti-TPO antibodies suggests you don't currently have Hashimoto's thyroiditis (but there can be other antibodies involved as well, as far as I understand). You should probably share these test results with your doctor, but I suspect they will tell you everything's fine...

Maybe other people could suggest further tests to explain the sluggishness? A lot of people mention having a Full Blood Count (check for anaemia), iron, ferritin, B12, folate, calcium and vitamin D etc checked.


Thank you HH for taking a look.

I'm awaiting a full profile B12 (from St Thomas), and D3 levels are good.

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