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What tests to have


Ive read some interesting posts over the few weeks I've discovered this forum, I've decided to look at private blood tests, as my Dr is a bit of anon starter. I can see pretty much any GP at the surgery and responses have been, try harder do more exercise (weight loss) Im being to hard on myself ( Im tired and often fall asleep after work or go to bed at 8pm) My hair is falling out, my periods are awful ( nothing)

Anyway I've been looking at thyroid uk and at the private blood tests, I can get a test that will do TSH,T4 and T3. Will that be enough to get a clearer picture it'll cost over £100 so i want to get as much done as poss for that much money,or is there anything else I could look at. Should i be looking at consultations ??


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Mrs.nju, Check out the profile which includes antibodies too. If it doesn't cost much more than TSH, FT4 and FT3 it will be worth having to see whether you have autoimmune thyroid antibodies which can cause hypothyroidism in the future.


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