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Loose liothyronine tabs

Has anyone experience with loose liothyronine tabs from the pharmacy?

Is it legal for a pharmacy to give loose unsealed liothyronine tabs to a customer?

I had a funny experience last time when the pharmacy would like to give me loose liothyronine tabs in a brown bottle with no batch no. on it.

So I refused to take them.

If I buy any other medicine over the counter then it's sealed or in blister package!

Hypo 22

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I always used to get my Liothyronine loose and I moaned like anything when they put them in blister packs. Blister packs for liothyronine have been used for about 10 years in the uk. Maybe they are reverting to bottles to save money?

Xx. G


My pharmacist also has given me T3 in small plastic bottles. I think if they have quite a few customers they maybe are given them loose but it isn't useful if you have a reaction and you would have to ask the pharmacist for the batch No. so you could report it to the MHRA.


Hypo22, some pharmacies decant Liothyronine from the white tubs into childproof bottles. You can ask to be supplied the sealed white tubs in preference but I don't know whether they have to comply with your request.

You can, and should, insist the pharmacy identifies the batch no. on the brown bottle and they should also supply you a patient information leaflet.


Thanks this advise is really useful. Because they couldn't give me any batch no.

If they are loose it could be anything.

I have to be very careful with the ingredients, due to allergies.


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