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The Two BIG Problems with “Typical” Thyroid Hormone Treatment – Part 1 of 2

A good post on HypothyroidMom's website. PR

"Funny title because there are far more than two big problems with typical conventional thyroid treatment for hypothyroidism (low thyroid). This article narrows down the main issues into two key categories while globally defining the problem. Patients want to know why it is so difficult for their doctors to listen to them about their thyroid. They want to know the real underlying answers. Patients simply want to know that there are solutions for them and how they feel, and you are probably one of them. But be prepared, the answers are just like each unique patient…far from typical."

Dr. John A. Robinson NMD

Part 1

Part 2

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Thanks for posting, PR. Dr. Robinson *gets* it, talks common sense and writes well, too.


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