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Blue Horizon home blood test and Genova Stress Test

Following on to feeling as crap as I did for most of the day today, (thank you for all the replies I had for the sleep issues thread!) the next step for me is to order some home blood/saliva tests, I am looking at the home pin prick blood tests for thyroid health at Blue Horizon and also doing the Genova Stress Test for saliva cortisol - someone mentioned Dr Myhill and I looked on her website and see that she can also interpret the results of the saliva test.

Has anyone done these tests? How easy were they to do? Was it worth it?

Will a GP take any notice of the results?

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I've done the Blue Horizon full thyroid fingerprick test several times. Without looking at the prices I think it's the one that costs around £118 (with a discount if you order it through TUK.)

It is very easy to do, comes by return of post, has all the instructions and everything you need in the pack. You prick your finger, you 'milk' the blood into the tiny test tube, send it back and you get the results online after a few days,

Very easy to do - first time I didn't read the instructions too well and squeezed my finger and ended up dripping blood but when I actually read the instructions properly it was very easy. Helps to have a drink of water beforehand and make sure your hands are warm.

They don't use the same lab ranges ad my surgery but that isn't really a problem as its all relative really. If I'm in the middle of the range with my surgery tests then I'm middle of the BH range too.

The other home test I've used is the City Assays Vitamin D fingerprick test it's listed on the TUK website and it's very good too, you only need to put a few drops of blood on a card for that so it's really easy to do, again it comes with everything you need and you get results in a few days by email.

I've never mentioned to my doc that I've had them done - I just like the feeling of knowing what I'm going to be told before the doctor tells me - I was never one fir surprises.

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Thank you - that doesn't sound too bad at all!


I have done the adrenal saliva stress test and got the results yesterday (see post a couple before yours). Test was easy to do though you need to read the instructions however you need to plan when you are going to do it as you need to be strict on the timings when you collect the saliva then freeze the tubes. Results not what I expected so I need to research this now.


I've done both those tests. Highly recommend. I just had to be brave to use the lancet myself!


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