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How to get Armour NDT

My GP has tried to be helpful but wont prescribe me Armour NDT as it's too expensive on the NHS and un-proven to be good etc. Everything Ive read says different so I'm desperate to try it. I'm on 200mcg of Levothyroxine and never feel great. Does anyone know if you can buy Amour privately or without a prescription? I'm going to the US in a couple of weeks so maybe it will be easier to get it there? I really dont know.......

Recommendations where to source NDT without prescription via private messages please in line with posting guideline #23, thank you.

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Welcome to the forum, Kizygirl.

I believe Armour and NDT are prescription only in the USA.

You may find a private GP or endo willing to prescribe Armour, NatureThroid, WP or Erfa. Email for a list of private endos and GPs recommended by members.

Members will send private messages where to source NDT online without prescription. You will be sent an email and on-site alert (red bubble next to your username on the green HU bar) when you have a message. Click on the red bubble and select Messages to read them.


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