Pop-Up Survey

Pop-Up Survey

Hi All

Just to let you know that if you see a survey pop-up on your screen, this is a survey being run by HealthUnlocked (not Thyroid UK).

The survey is very short and completely anonymous and is gathering information in preparation for a HealthUnlocked campaign for men's health week (15th to 21st June).

If you complete the survey you will be prompted to follow a link to the 'community' where you will be able to view the results in a few days. This community will be one dedicated to either Men's or Women's health - depending on your survey response! ;)

You will not be automatically enrolled in that group, but you can join if you wish.



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  • Just another tickbox survey and felt it was more to lead you onto the new forum.

  • No facilities to just answer no .


  • We spotted that too!

  • When are Survey writers going to learn that if you Don't give the oppertunity to say 'no', or 'not applicable', or something like that, the results you get are going to be skewed because if people HAVE to put something, they will put just anything, so the response has no value, and the Survey is compromised. And that's a very long sentence, to be avoid on surveys! lol

  • No argument from me! ;)


  • Hi Louise

    Having just got my answer back from the ombudsman (conclusion: the quack could not have diagnosed you for the 6.5 years you were complaining about severe symptoms, had below or low range t4 but normal Tsh because there was nothing wrong with you) I feel that something needs to be done about the ranges and also looking at how the DI102 gene defect affects diagnosis

    While there is some evidence out there it's not that detailed and I was wondering whether a survey to gather data on:

    A. How many people struggle with levo

    B. How many people struggle because of under dosing

    C. How many people are self dosing with NDT either because they can't get a prescription or a diagnosis

    Collating same (anonymous results) and presenting it might at least start the ball rolling as while it's somewhat subjective if we can get a statistically significant number of replies (promoting via other sources as well as here) it may cause a few members of the medical profession to ask a few questions.

    What do you think? I'm happy to put it together and analyse results although would like input from others in structur, number and nature of the questions

  • Hi

    All I can say at the moment is we already have something cooking.... watch this space...! ;)



  • Let me know if I can help on analysis - I set up spreadsheets and do data analysis as a big part of my day job

    Dependent on Nos I can also do dbase but unless you have a lot of cross analysis excel will suffice

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