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Hi had TT almost 2 years ago and parathyroids also removed here are my latest results, prescribed 100micro levo self prescribe another 50 micro levo

prescribed 500 g calcium and take vitimins iron vit d selenium + b12 feeling the best i have felt for a long time but i know endo is not going to be happy, can anyone explain why my TSH is so low but my T4 is well within the range '

TSH 0.99 (.350-5.50)

T4 1.44 (.08-1,9)

Parathormone 38 (11-72)

calcium 9.1 (8.2-10.6)

thanks Linda

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Linda, why are you worried about your TSH? TSH 0.99 is well within the lab ref range and isn't low. Your FT4 is excellent, just in the top 75% of range. 150mcg looks like optimal dose.


Hi clutter thanks for the reply, i didnt read it properly i thought my tsh was too low, i was panicking because i thought my endo would reduce again, do you think its best to tell him i am self medicating the extra 50 micros really really scared as i do not want any change to my medication as i am feeling the best i have felt for years.


Linda, I would tell him. Your bloods are stellar and don't hint at being overmedicated. He may prescribe the 150mcg. If he doesn't you are no worse off.


hi clutter i know i should, my appointment is in July so i have a couple of weeks to build up the courage



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