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Effective, Understanding GP in South Birmingham (B30 _ _ _ )

Understanding, effective GP . . . . . in B30 _ _ _ p/code

Hi all,

Hopefully we have a few posters from this area of Birmingham.

Anyone got an understanding effective GP, somewhat knowledgeable & acknowledging of thyroid and adrenal issues ? Please do PM me !

Jacob Teitelbaum's book "From Fatigued to Fantastic" is about CFS/ME and fibromyalgia - Chapter 4, "H - Hormonal Support: . . . . " covers thyroid, adrenal & sex hormones - it would be helpful to find a GP familiar with this approach . . . . . although that may be aiming too high/expecting too much ? ? ?

Anyone in this area already tried Dr JT's programme ?

Thanks in anticipation of any leads !

Take care all !

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Epictetus, If you haven't had any responses email to see whether there are any GPs on the list of doctors recommended by members.

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Thanks Clutter - will try that now ! Good to feel looked out for, by you !

Was considering whether to re-post it - as given it was towards the v bottom of the list, many would perhaps have not got to it. I rarely have the energy to browse more than a few posts, quite quickly . . . . . and they tend to be ones closer to the top, invariably ! ! !


Epictetus, certainly worth reposting to see whether it catches the attention of anyone in B30.


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