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Not sure about my levels

I am after a bit of advice and you have all really helped before. I am really tired all the time and thought I needed more Armour thyroid, currently take 2.5 grains and my recent blood test show that T3L 4.3(3.1 to6.5),T4L12,78(10to23), TSH 0,013 (0,400 to4,400).i supplement with B12 as that was low an have d3 on prescription as was below pulse is around 65 and temp around 36. Both sometimes lower.thanks in advance.

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frenchreikimaster, TSH is suppressed and FT4 low in range as expected on NDT.

FT3 is low in range so you could increase your dose of Armour to 3 grains and after two weeks to 3.5 grains. Hold at 3.5grains for 6 weeks and have a blood test before increasing further.


Thanks for reply, I was nervous of an increase without advice but feel more confident with a second opinion. My gp knows I am self medicating and leaves me to it with occasional comments and will do blood tests as I ask.but no good asking her advice on dosage as she has no clue.


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