Tis only fair to share the good news I have today

Trundled along today for fasting blood sugar tests results, taken some while back. Today totaled three very short visits to my GP surgery over the last year after giving up hope for help, and avoided the NDT row by seeing an endo privately. I just expected to hear the news of 'nothing out of the way' and leave with a million and one questions and requests that I could no longer be bothered asking.

ANYWAY, unbeknown to me, they had also taken liver, kidney et all levels...and my thyroid levels. I saw a new lady doctor and nearly fell off my chair when she announced all good apart from a weird thyroid hormone reading...low t4 high t3, suppressed tsh. I explained I was on NDT (DUCKING) and had taken a dose prior to the blood test (I did not expect). She didn't flinch and said that was absolutely fine and thanked me for telling her because it made sense of the readings - she then pronounced as normal in that context. She had no issues with my NDT and efforts to correct my own symptoms with dosages. She was smashing...asked me how I was in general..twice, explained loads (I already knew but a pleasure to listen, and satisfying for her to strut her stuff...which was good) ) I shook her hand and announced that I will be ditching the endo and calling on her. I did ask about my ferritin, ironically the only one they didn't take, because of small concern about mouth cracks and sores to which she advised an iron supplement and or watercress. My cholesterol had dropped from 5.3 to 3.1 including 2.0 for the good one. All I can say is it must be the nuts and seeds and coconut oil...or NDT!

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  • Fantastic! Another good news story. Thank you for telling us your story :)

  • It made such a change from the usual dread. I don't know which is worse from my own experience...no explanations or being snorted at for self help. I am heart-warmed to think newer GP's might be more open the potential of alternative replacement, and evaluating more than TSH lab results.

  • Helbell, very refreshing to hear someone have a good consultation and describe their GP as 'smashing' and good to hear that your diet has improved your cholesterol.

  • Yep...I was on a high all day! I have changed my diet and replaced wheat gluten with nut and seed flour, and coconut oil for baking. I use a coffee grinder. I was worried about all those nut fats...that, or NDT really knocks bad cholesterol on the head. Need to find out more. I expect it was the combo as am still not able to be as active I would like. Prior to hypo my total cholesterol was 4.1 and I was very active...too active, then it shot up when metabolism slumped.

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