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Starting to feel fed up

Im on on day 9 of 25mg levo. I dont expect it to work straight away. But since Ive been diagnosed with hashi and hypothyroid ice been taking it really easy. Listening to my body when im tired etc and resting. Work have been great as my fatigue is really bad right now and given me wednesdays off on advice from doc.

Problem is i had to send myself home today. I went to work after waking feeling awful (nothing new there) but it continued where i literally couldnt function, hands shaking,couldnt get words out,limbs nit functioning-unless i literally pushed myself-then i felt really sick.

So sent myself home at 9am really frustrated and tearful and just slept a solid 5 hours! Now i feel my normal tired self.

How long until i feel a little better? Just feeling worse :( any advice greatfully taken.

Doc wanted to repeat bloods in 8 weeks to see how meds doing. Im going ask for it after 6. And ask for adrenal test too.

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Hi Baffled!

I wish I could impart some good news but this thyroid business takes quite a while to get sorted. It's difficult to give a time frame, as everyone is different, and in all honesty it was months for me until I started to notice even a small difference.

In the meantime do as you have been, listen to your body and take all the rest you need. You will get there, you just have to have the patience of Job!

Take care, Wired.


Did your gp bother to test





ALL MUST BE HALFWAY IN THEIR RANGES otherwise your body simply cannot utilise levothyroxine

I suspect your ferritin is very low and your adrenals are stressed

Take at least 2000 mg of vitamin c every day plus a good multi vitamin every night too


25mcg is such a small dose and it usually takes higher doses for the body to respond I'm afraid.


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