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Enlarged thyroid or lymph node? Hashi's brain fog or low oestrogen?

Hi. I have had various thyroid problems/symptoms over many years, including Graves' disease. At the moment I have underactivity symptoms, though bloods are 'normal'. GP did agree to test D3, which turned out to be deficient (I'm now on a supplement). He also agreed to test both thyroid antibodies, but when the results came back the lab had refused to test them (how does this happen?!). Several years ago I had TgAb tested which was normal (33 with a threshold of 50). During the most recent spell of underactive symptoms I suddenly developed a swelling at the base of my throat/neck, which I assumed to be my thyroid.

My results didn't meet NHS criteria for further investigation, so I went to a private endo recommended on this site, a lovely man who listened carefully.

He thought I did have a thyroid problem and said (including in a letter to my GP -- yeaaay!) that some people only feel well when TSH is right at the bottom end of 'normal'. He also felt, though, that my 'stupid brain' was classic low oestrogen (I'm 46) and suggested we try oestrogen patches before tweaking the thyroid. My head is certainly clearer.

He also felt my swelling and thought that it wasn't my thyroid but an enlarged lymph node.

My question is, has anyone had anything similar -- a 'thyroid' swelling during an apparent thyroid episode, that was actually a lymph node? Why would a lymph node swell anyway? The swelling came up over the course of the Easter weekend and hasn't gone down. It is making swallowing hard and at times my voice has become very hoarse and has almost gone altogether.

I've booked a private neck scan -- £300 :( -- during half term but I'm worrying in the meantime about what it could really be... Any thoughts/experiences?

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Hi Bird, why doesn't he feel it's a goiter? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goitre

Your thyroid needs iodine to function and it's easy to become deficient. It may simply be your thyroid needs iodine/selenium but there are many reasons for low thyroid. Do you have a copy of your blood tests? Always ask for them. Here are a few reasons for low thyroid though he mentions 20 more.


Hi oozlumBird, which of the following have you had tested:

1.Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOAb)

2.Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb)








10.Vitamin D3




14.basic pituitary hormone function tests.


Hi did you find out the result of the scan ??


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