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NDS AND levothyroxine

I am newly diagnosed. When my TSH test came back 6.5 my GP agreed to prescribe 100 mcg levothyroxine daily. I've been taking it for a week and as yet haven't noticed any difference. I'm fairly sure I've hypo for at least 4 - 5 years though, based on my symptoms. Unfortunately i don't have any other test results, as my GP didn't think they were necessary.

i've been reading about NDT and get the impression that most people do better on it than synthetic thyroxine. My question is, is it normal to take either one or the other or can you take a combination of both?

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Welcome to the forum, Nanbullen.

It takes 7/8 days for Levothyroxine to be absorbed before it starts working and up to 6 weeks before the full impact of the dose is felt. 100mcg is a decent dose but you should have a follow up test in 6-8 weeks in case dose needs adjusting. Leave 24 hours between last dose and blood draw and have the blood draw early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast before the draw except for water as TSH drops after eating.

Levothyroxine should be taken on an empty stomach one hour before, or two hours after, food and drink for maximum absorption. Take it 2 hours away from other medication and supplements and 4 hours away from iron, calcium, vitamin D and oestrogen.

NDT can be taken instead of, or in combination with, Levothyroxine but not everyone does better on NDT and it may be necessary to try various brands to find one which suits. NDT is not usually prescribed on the NHS as it isn't licenced for UK use and most people using it buy on the internet and self medicate. If your doctor only tests TSH you will also need to buy private FT4 and FT3 blood tests to check levels.

It can take up to a year for symptoms to completely resolve once you are optimally medicated on Levothyroxine so it's probably worth trying Levothyroxine for 6-12 months before considering switching to NDT.




If you have been ill for 4 or 5 years it will take months of treatment to feel well

NdT is preferable for many people but even that can take 1 or even 2 years to repair damaged tissues as my husband will warn

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