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Multi Nodules and Hashi's?

I have many small thyroid nodules that seem to increase with a flare and are tender, at the same time these flare my TgAb's go very high (endo said TgAb's are Hashis - I have a low TPO) my question is, is it normal to have a multi nodular thyroid with Hashi's as the radiologist stated my ultrasound was not consistant with Hashi's and cause of them unknown.

My Endo states without question I have hashis but did not give a reason as to why when my nodules flare my hyper symptoms get worse as does my antibodies

I assume I get a flare, then a dump of thyroid hormone

Need reassurance that these multi nodules are seen in other Hashi's patients

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Thyroid nodules sometimes result from Hashimoto's disease and may be associated with symptoms of hypothyroidism...

As the lymphoctyes attack your thyroid gand cells are destroyed and dump hormone into the blood which makes you feel hyper. The nodules are part of the thyroid and will also be attacked. Antibodies are elevated after a flare.

I had Hashis with one large nodule >2.5cm which had to be removed as it was compressing my windpiped. The two small nodules on the other lobe caused no problems.


Thanks for this clutter - I have a rescan on monday

I have so many nodules I think 16 in total with the largest being 1.2cm right not but I think that may have grown, in a way I wish I had one of those massive nodules that destroys the thyroid and be done with it (my niece had that happen) but for me its been 10 years of this flares making me so very unwell

I always see the same radiologist but last time it was a different one and he was evil - stated even though my antibodies were 800+ that the nodules were not Hashi's related - How the heck he could determine that I have no idea

So back to my normal radiologist on Monday


riannabri, Thyroidectomy without RAI doesn't always mean an end to Hashi's although mine ceased straight after thyroidectomy.

Nodules aren't always Hashi related, they are present in people without Hashi. Doesn't really matter what the radiographer's opinion is, you have nodules and you have Hashi's.


I just get so confused as I dont have any raised TPO just a very high Tg and TgAB and all these small nodules that keep flaring me into a Hypr state. I feel like I present more like a Graves patient not Hashi's but I am told Hashi's. On top of that Totally intollerant to T4 (tried many times over 10 years) can only take T3 but am really so ill, housebound etc. Iodine sets a flare off in a heartbeat as does any dose of T4. For me it seems like since I have been producing these high antibodies that I can never get stability. but dont know the way forward. So I am in a position where I cant take T4, T3 never feels stable but I have been on it for 10 years struggling and mostly housebound....need answers but unsure where to start as I have tried so much

Going to get the thyroid scan again and the antibodies done but where to go then unsure? any help would be so appreciated

I feel my mood is crazy, like im going nuts, over emotional, so wrong physically and mentally its insane

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