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Demoralised and depressed

Time for an update, spoke to my GP this morning, as we feared the labs would not do my blood work as they said my TSH of 3.9 was within normal range.

My GP recommends waiting to see if the endocrinologist will see me (she did a referral at the same time she requested my blood work), if they do then she feels that they may be able to request the necessary tests as the time frame for a repeat test will have elapsed.

Of course, the endocrinologist could still refuse to see me for the same reasons the lab refused to process my new bloods.

I can't afford a private test, I feel really unwell, totally deflated and quite frankly beaten.

How naive of the NHS to ignore sub-clinical hypothyroidism, surely it makes sense to treat someone before their thyroid packs up altogether and/or they develop symptoms that ARE a drain on the NHS resources.


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Messyrooms, in some respects there isn't a lot of value testing FT4 and FT3 when TSH is 3.9. The TSH is at that level because it is trying to stimulate more T4 and T3 because the pituitary gland has detected T3 is low. Usually T4 and T3 will be within range unless TSH is much higher but diagnosis of secondary hypothyroidism where TSH is low normal and FT4 or FT3 below range can certainly be missed with TSH only testing.

Unfortunately 3.9 is within the normal range but probably near the top which indicates thyroid failing and even though most patients will feel very symptomatic at that level most GPs will not make a diagnosis. Protocols don't, however, dictate that T4 and T3 shouldn't be tested. That will be a local decision between the lab and CCGs but GPs should be able to challenge it in order to make a diagnosis. GPs are also free to provide a trial of Levothyroxine to patients who may benefit despite their blood results being within range.

Make sure your next thyroid blood test is early in the morning before food and drink other than water. TSH is highest early and lower after eating.

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Many of us have been there and done that. Take back power, take back control. You don't need them to get NDT. It is surprisingly easy and affordable. Do not let them hold you hostage. My regret is that i let them keep me ill so long and i will never get back the years i lost. Thankfully i now manage my own health, determine my own dose, etc.


My husband , daughter and granddaughters were all severely hypothyroid with TSH of 2.9

theres something very nasty going on in NHS that's for sure

Self treatment may be your only answer .............see my PM


Could you possibly pm me of links to self medicate t3 please


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