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Do others here experience lots of brain fog .I feel like i have it more and more since being diagnosed with Hashimotos .

I am learning to manage my life around my thyroid burning out but at times i have to really push myself to get through a work day I often say no or maybe to social events now as i never know how I am going to feel to plan too far ahead .

I am learning to honour my body and do whats best for me rather than people pleasing

can others relate to all of the above and more?

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It's a common complaint onecanhope.


It's quite frustrating isn't it! On good days I can be an asset at work but other days I'm bloody useless 😉 when I got on the bus tonight I couldn't remember the name of the stop I needed 😯


i can relate to that

I was in local shopping centre today with client and could not remember where i parked the car so had to retrace steps

My client had a good chuckle


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