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Pounding heartbeat

Can I please ask if its normal to have a pounding heartbeat? I started on 50mg levo at the beginning of this month after tsh of 17.6 (0.35-5.50) free t4 11.2 (11.0-23.0). I have a resting pulse of 60 - 70bpm but sometimes I'm very conscious of it. This morning (fortunately a day off) I couldn't stay awake and at one point I was dozing but feeling out of it and all I could feel was my heartbeat all over my body! It got quite scary at times :( I've been ok this afternoon though still exhausted.

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Unfortunately, that can be a common occurrence when first on levo and nothing to be worried about. Your pulse is quite good. As it is all strange experiences it takes a while to settle and for you to feel better.

Make an appointment for your next blood test a little earlier than 6 weeks and these are a couple of hints. Also if you take supplements take them about 4 hours apart from levo:-

Blood Test: Have the earliest possible appointment . Leave 24 hours since last dose of levo and test as it may skew results and fast. Take levo after test.

Take thyroid hormones on wakening and wait approx 1 hour before eating. Some foods interfere with medication. Some prefer bedtime dosing, in that case you must leave 2 hours after eating before taking hormones. If you've had a fatty meal it should be longer. Food can interfere with the uptake.

Ask for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate to be tested. They should be towards the upper range.

Get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges for your own records each time you have a blood test and you can post for comments if you wish.

I hope you feel better quite quickly.


Shaws thankyou for your reassurance :) I hope my gp will agree to vitamins testing but I wonder whether I should start taking some vit supplements anyway?


No, always get a blood test. The reason is that B12 if it is too low could mean you might have pernicious anaemia or a deficiency and it is also a hormone. Vit D is a pro-hormone so both are extremely important. The above vits minerals are usually deficient if we have hypo.

When you post your results with the ranges members will respond. We have to read and learn how to recover our health as best we can. Few have knowledgeable doctors, I believe due to the modern medical student training in hypothyroidism.


HI This is the heart rate and is normal. Make sure it is not uneven , if so see GP.



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