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DHEA(S) & cortisol tests . . . . & gamma GT too !

Today, I'm wondering about:

a) do GPs do a DHEA (or DHEA(S)) test and is it worth doing ? Does it give valuable information about whether adrenals are struggling and DHEA supplementation may help ?

b) what interpretation to make if:

i) cortisol (early morning) BLOOD test by GP shows a good high result (measures bound & free cortisol, I understand !), and ii) the 24hr saliva (free) cortisol test (Genova) gives a flat line at the bottom of the graph ( - is this Stage 7 adrenal insufficiency, according to STTM ?).

c) what might a long term ( - year, after year) elevated gamma GT level ( - a liver enzyme) mean, for a non-drinker in the absence of fatty-liver ( - confirmed by an ultra scan).

Considered views gratefully received.

Best wishes to all !

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Nhs gps will not be interested, they do not recognise or treat adrenal fatigue. You must have Addisons disease which time it will be life threatening.


If that's true, Blue ( . . . . and it may be !) it is one part of the poor situation.

I seem to recall the P.I.L.* on Levothyroxine or liothyronine states that if hypothyroid issues remain unattended, this can put a greater burden on the adrenal glands. Therefore, it follows that this connection is recognised as a medical fact.

However, it may well be largely true that GPs are not often enough considering the adrenals. Under these circumstances, its for us as their "customers" to explain what we want/need, present the evidence and see if there is a way forward.

Take care !

[* Patient Information Leaflet - wouldn't Product Info. Leaflet be better ? ? ?]


Trouble is that there is also a Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) which is in some ways far more a product leaflet than is a PIL.

SPCs and PILs for many of our medicines are readily available here:

(I can't see why it isn't mandatory for all SPCs and PILs to be posted there.)


Doctors Don't read PILs. GPs have no idea what the adrenals actually do - and I sometimes Wonder if they even know where they are! And doctors are not interested in what their 'customers' want/need. They are only interested in what they are prepared to give us - i.e. PPIs, antiDs and/or Beta Blockers.

Doctors are no longer scientists, nor are they artists. They are technicians who only know how to look at blood test numbers on a screen - rather than their patient - and precribe a corresponding drug out of their little book.

I Don't know what they do in med school - apart from learning about drugs, without touching on their dangerous side-effects, of which they seem to have no knowledge - but they only spend about one afternoon on the endocrine system, the system that drives the whole body. And they don't learn anything about nutrition.

Personally, I Don't think that a person who doesn't understand hormones - indeed, a person who appears to be terrified of hormones - should be allowed to call him/herself a doctor. But that's just my opinion, and nobody listens to me...


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