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Hey guys, I'm a 21 year old female and I've never really suffered with acne until a couple months ago it started with a bunch of small colored bumps on my forehead and now it's all over , my face feels so irritated , dry , tight but looks oily? And at the corners of my lips I swear it feels like sand paper , I'm so frustrated I really don't know what to do it just keeps getting worse someone help!

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Hello, DianaKaren, welcome to the group.

It would be very helpful if you could give us a bit more information. There is nothing on your profile. Have you been diagnosed with hypo? Are you Hashi's? What are you taking, and how much? Any other diagnisis or treatment?

Acne can be caused by all sorts of things, so without the basic information, it's rather difficult to help you.:)

Hugs, Grey


Indeed, and is it even acne?

Even the most experienced doctors can find it difficult to be certain about many skin disorders - they have a horrible habit of looking, and often feeling, much the same as many other skin disorders.

There is a skin disorder site which has a large number of pictures. With care and attention, it can help to narrow down to a short list.



Dry cracking skin at the corners of the mouth is called Pellegra and it's a B vit deficiency.

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Dry cracked skin at the corners of the mouth also can be caused by sleeping with the mouth open and drooling. Nasal congestion or use of an oral appliance at night can cause one to open the mouth while asleep.


Yes Diana, I'm the same but I'm 61. I've found (and don't laugh.) using an anti-bacterial foam during the day helps and moisturise morning and night. I also get Pellagra and try to remember to up my supplements: Bs C Zinc and Magnesium.

(I have Hashimoto's)


I'm not alone! I am 62 and began getting serious acne 2-3 years ago. I also have Hashimoto's. My endo had my testosterone and adrenal hormone levels tested; fortunately, they're normal. As I get more pimples along the sides of my face and on my neck below my ears, I think increased earwax production as I've aged (inherited from my mother) may be a cause, so I've begun using ear drops weekly. For me, the best solution has been to use a microdermabrasion scrub containing silica bits and papain once a day. (I get it online from Life Extension; it's pricey, so I stock up when it's on sale.) When I ran out I used an AHA cream with some success, but the scrub is much more effective. I do not use any product containing oil on my face except around my eyes.


Hi - I can really sympathise with this. I have never had problems with acne (and am too old to have it now!!), but started to get problems with it before my hypothyroidism was diagnosed. I was initially just taking natural thyroid, and the acne just about went away, but a few months ago I was put onto Levothyroxine as well and since then have had continuous problems with my skin. During the day my cheeks/side of mouth erupts in spots and lumps, and now it's started to spread to my forehead and chin - it's so frustrating, as they leave red marks. My skin has gone very strange - getting dry and flaky, but feeling oily at the same time!

My doctor has changed my medication so will be coming off the Levo, so will see if that changes anything and report back!


Hi Diana, I have this problem too. I have blocked pores and acne. When my face is wet it feels like sandpaper, even under my chin is rough. Taking Vit B12, Hydrocortisone and DHEA all have made the problem much worse. Whatever I do now I have pus filled spots.

The only thing that I have found that has softenened my skin is Nivea. I tried coconut oil too, and the next day the top layer of my skin rubbed off more than ever. My scalp is dry and flaking too, fore arms are so dry and rough I have little red spots all over them.

I'm trying to eat more good fats and have two fillets of salmon a week. This has helped get the rough spots off the top of my arms. Avocado and nuts are good too.

I have hashi's but my skin hasn't improved even on months of T3.

The corners of my mouth used to crack too. I think low B Vits can be a cause.

Drink more water to hydrate your skin, if I drink 3 litres the dryness improves.

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Hi there. My response to the OP talks about PCOS. It mentions 3 hormones involved. One of which is cortisol which is a steroid just as hydrocortisone is. The other is androgen production which in women is DHEA. Given that, I'm not surprised at all that they made your symptoms worse. Talk a look at that response I wrote, it may have some answers for you.


Hi MDinTraining, I doubt very much doubt in my case if it's PCOS, as I'm post menopausal. I've always had the odd spot, but B12 injections and supplements made it much worse. I read it's because if getting rid of toxins, the name of which I have forgotten, hopefully it will come to me. It went on really badly for 18 months, then improved. But now because of low cortisol and DHEA I'm supplementing both and my acne has really flared up, I was expecting this as it's a side effect. It's just a bit embarrassing at my age lol!


Hi again MDin Training, it was homocysteine the toxin I was trying to remember. I hope that makes sense. Taking B12 lowers the levels of this toxin which can cause acne.


Before I was diagnosed I had huge, infected spots; these lasted from age 18 to 45 and the doctors just said that I was 'unlucky'. Now, nearing 60 I am starting to see the scars on my face from all the infections. They started to clear up when I was diagnosed and took NDT. I will still get the odd spot but not much and certainly not like the ones which made my face swell up. I now take T3 only.

I create my own skincare creams using an off-the-shelf base and adding vit. E oil. calendula, rosewater and various essential oils - works for me. I also spritz my face with dilute (I mean, dilute) hydrogen peroxide, which kills the bacteria.

I noticed that when I started drinking water kefir I got some spots and then they cleared.


I know high estrogen can cause acne too. May be worth getting that checked


New onset of acne in a female in your age group is interesting. If you have 2 out of 3 of the following you may meet criteria for polycystic ovarian syndrome. 1. Changes in menstrual frequency or an irregular menstrual cycle.

2. Hair growth in places typical of men

3. Polycystic ovaries as confirmed by an ob/gyn.

It is most often seen in heavier women. It also has a strong association with insulin resistance. It ia a dyaregulation of cortisol, insulin resistance, and androgen production. It may be the cause of your acne. Acne in general is most commonly caused by skin infection with a bacteria called p. Acnes. Try over the counter benzyl peroxide cream to see if it helps. If the acne is present around your mouth it could just be a result of inflammation due to the acne. Pellagra is unlikely in the absence of other related symptoms however getting a baseline b12 level never hurts.


I'm sorry to hear many of you have been experiencing acne.

For those of you that currently have acne, I'm wondering whether you might be willing to participate in my research exploring the emotional experiences of having acne as an adult? Participation involves completing an online survey, which takes c.20 minutes, and by doing so you could win up to £50 in vouchers.

For some people, acne can be a distressing experience and I'm hoping that this study will help inform the ways professionals respond to people who are distressed about it.

I posted more details about it at: healthunlocked.com/britishs...

Thanks a lot, Susie.


Hi! I've recently set up a new community on HealthUnlocked, specifically for Acne. Here's the link: healthunlocked.com/adult-ac...

Best wishes!



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