New Topic For You to Use

New Topic For You to Use

Someone has contacted us to say that the site can be a little down-hearted and that it would be good for people to be able to access 'Success Stories'.

With this in mind, we have added a new topic for you to use, called, Success Stories! :)

If you have a 'success' that you would like to tell everyone about, make sure to click on 'Success Stories' in the drop down list of topics when you post your post! :)



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  • Really good idea, Louise!

  • It's all very well for someone to comment that this 'support group' is a bit downhearted. In fact, at times there is a real emergency situation for some but the members all rally round.

    I am surprised because many of our 'support' is from members who have recovered and besides having found a 'good' place' don't want others to suffer as they themselves have in the past so give their time supporting/helping.

    People who have success 'stories' on levothyroxine would never use this site as they are getting on with their lives. So you wont hear 'success'. Others on levo who have no internet connection just have to proceed with life as it is for them as they are told they are 'normal range' and given medication other thanan increase of thyroid hormones.

    People who have accessed and found information and help and recover rarely come back again as they have more things to do now they are following a different protocol and have a 'life'.

    We know that many do recover and get well and I am glad you have made a separate topic because 'success' has been buried in the multitude of past posts.

  • I know that when i was looking for help the first site i went on was the BTA they are all stories with happy endings on there .I felt that it must be me and felt so alone.I came across this site by accident .And am so grateful for all the help and advice i have had ,and i no longer feel alone.

  • Not forgetting of course that over the years, people have submitted their Success Stories for inclusion in the case studies section of the main TUK website, where they are always available for everyone to read.

  • I was once criticised for being evangelical - when I thought I was just being positive. Since that time I have been careful not to enthuse too much :-( Just try to stick to the basic facts - unless it is someone I know quite well from previous forum chats....

  • I have also been criticised for being positive and dare I say I have been told by some that I can't possibly be well on Levo. Therefore I now read but rarely answer posts.

  • I am sorry you have felt you had to reduce your posts. Many wonder if they will ever get well when first on levo, so it is very good to have a positive from someone who has got well.

  • There is so much negativity about Levo and other subjects on the forum its no wonder new members are despondent. Even when someone posts a positive comment it is often not well received by certain members who seem to think they know best. If I think I can help anyone I only reply by pm as I will not put myself in the firing line again.

    This is a reply to Shaws in case as often happens replies goes out of sequence.

  • We are all so different and that's why it's good to be able to put our views forward. :)

  • Agreed but unfortunately some will not accept that others have positive experiences to share.

  • I cant wait to write about a succes story In actual fact I am recovering slowly on Naturethroid. I am now able to shop. Whether that's a good thing from the financial point of view I dont know I'm just delighted to have the strengh get out there.

    I still have a way to go but I'm certain my new treatment is helping. Just concerned that either the Venlafaxine or Gabapentin may be somewhat of a deterrent I hope to drop the venlafaxine but it takes several weeks to get off it completely.

    Meanwhile I wish everyone well on H.U.

  • The really aggravating thing is that some of us have been much better in the past and have gone downhill again by being put on generic Levothyroxine. do not feel that this Thyroid problem is ever really cut and dried, so we all need help from time to time, and we do have chats about other things. But if someone only wants to hear happy talk then this may not be the site to come to. Or they could read the web of stories, which are mostly much happier. We do all tend to give each other a boost if we are feeling down. xx

  • Maybe if people took time to read our profiles they may read something more positive about the thyroid journey we have taken.... :-)

  • Perhaps it would be good to go back to posts and questions separately again!

  • Louise, I think it's a great idea. New members need to know there is light at the end of the tunnel and do look for success stories. I'm much improved but still a work in progress. Hope to post a success story one day though :)

  • Thanks for your comments.



  • I must say I do feel like a success story, I may be very unwell with my conditions, but having read the site and also studied other people's case studies and also their week to week input, it came clear to me that I needed to try Nature Thyroid alongside visiting the correct doctors. I knew with certainty that Levo was not for me due to my appalling record of drug allergy. I have never seen this site as being down beat, only inclusive to those who are temporarily down beat as they are helped back up again. Keep up the good work. MaryF

  • I think it's a good idea, although I'm doing better on T4/T3 I'm still seriously ill and looking for answers. I,ve learnt so much since finding TUk/HU so many caring and knowledgeable people, it gives me hope that one day I wil be well again.

    Thank you all.


  • I have only been visiting this site for a short period of time but I find it tremendously helpful. Only by sharing our stories will we understand what the reality of our situations are and can place ourselves on the scale of where we are. By discussing what treatments have been helpful it offers hope that we can each become better.

    It is no good saying that Levothyroxine is good for everyone, it certainly hasn't helped me but it is good to know that it does help people, for me my own daughter seems to be relatively well on it so I wouldn't say it was useless for all.

    I am just very happy to be here and getting to know some of you well already, being alone is not an option for me.

    Thanks to all of you for what you do. :)

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