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I have had an underactive thyroid since 1994 and am also a type 1 diabetic, for many years I am having problems with my metabolism which is taking a long time so I'm getting a lot of low sugars, not good, I would like to try NDT as its natural and my doctor said he would write me a prescription for it but would like to know which one to get and do you think it's better than thyroxine, also because my metabolism is getting messed up I'm starting to gain weight fir the first time in my life, any help would be much appreciated, Jeni.M

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Welcome to the forum, Jeni-M.

The brands available for prescription in the UK are Armour, NatureThroid, WP and Erfa. Different brands suit different people so it's trial and error to find what best suits you. NatureThroid and WP are hypoallergenic and seem to suit a lot of members.

Levothyroxine is usually reduced by 50mcg for every half grain (30mg) NDT added. NDT is usually started at half a grain and increased in half grain increments until symptoms resolve or on 2 grains. Hold at 2 grains for 4 weeks and have a thyroid test including FT3 before increasing.

Your GP will have to prescribe on a named patient basis as NDT isn't licenced for UK use and your pharmacy may have to order from one of the specialist medicines importers in the link below.


That's very good that your doctor will consider prescribing NDT for you and hope the trial works successfully.

I have taken NDT too. Armour is the original and there are others. Whatever dose of levothyroxine you are taking, you can switch straight over to NDT quite successfully immediately.

NDT is measured in grains (as it was the way medication was measured before the modern method came in) , i.e. 1 grain is equal to around 100 levo and it is easy to do. For instance if you take 100mcg of levo, you substiute 1 grain. After a few weeks (it takes about 6 weeks for levo to leave your system) you can then begin to increase gradually about every 2 weeks if you don't feel good on the 'swop-over' until your symptoms go. Some might have to try different NDTs till they find one they like best but most do well on the first one.

Keep a record of your pulse and temp whilst you are changing over, after a while if it remains stable you don't need to.


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