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Healthwatch Trafford Launch ME/CFS Survey

Healthwatch Trafford have launched a major survey of ME/CFS services. It’s a 45 question survey asking patients to give brief illness histories and then answer questions about how well they have been dealt with by their local health services – particularly at GP and hospital levels.

The survey can be done online or printed off and returned by post.

Although the survey is primarily for people living in the Trafford area of Greater Manchester any questionnaires completed by people living outside the area may be shared with other Healthwatches. The project is supported by the Patients Association.

Thyroid UK suggests that everyone fills it in so that word can spread about how patients with ME/CFS are dealt with by the medical profession.

It can be filled in online -

For those of you who want to print it off and send by post a pdf can be found at and a version in Word can be found at

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Hi Lyn, I would love to fill in this survey, but if you have not been told it is CF/ME then this is not really possible. I feel we need a survey like this for Thyroid patients. I will show this survey to my local Healthwatch as I was part of a focus group when this was first started. Although I have taken my health problems to them with all that has happened to me since Levo change 5 years ago, they have been, yet again,another body that have just ignored my problems.


Hi j_bee

I agree but just thought that a lot of people had been diagnosed with ME/CFS at some point.

We are just embarking on a new project that we think will help though. :-)

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No avenue unturned Lyn!


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