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Hi Everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a nice day. You know, I've been taking this B-12 and Vit D3 and I"m really not sure what is required daily. I have bought the sublingual kind and I have been taking a dropper full which is 1,200 is what it says. Also with Vit D3 I am taking one of those. Does anyone know the recommended doses?


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Debber, whether, or how much, you need B12 and vitD depends on your blood levels. 1-1,200mcg B12 is usually enough unless you are B12 deficient or very low in range. optimal is >500 and you won't overdose as excess is excreted in urine.

vitD 50ng/ml is optimal in the USA. The graph in the link below shows how to estimate how much you need.

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I recently got my B12 and Vitamin D tested because I'm vegetarian and work inside a lot so feel like I never see the sun! sent me a home blood test and y results and healthy ranges show up on my profile. I've started taking supplements for both of them and I'm going to test them again in a few months to see if it's actually working because I read that a lot of vitamin tablets don't actually work. Hope this helps!

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Hi Ya, Clutter!!! The strangest thing is when I got my blood work done they didn't test for those lol I see where there is a home test kit you can buy and do it yourself and I'm going to do that. Thank you, Clutter, for the link. I have been just taking one eye dropper which equals 1,200 but I need to get tested for the B12 too to see. The doctor told me she was going to check everything lol So much for that! Why are things like this getting missed by doctors!!? I just don't get it. These are two things are really important.

Where would I be without you guys!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Debber


Thank you Healthy. I need to get tested, too, for these. I bet you really have to watch this with being vegan. I will keep you guys posted, too. Love you Guys!!!!


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