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Had expected T3 levels to rise as now on T3 combined with levo, can anyone advise please?

Hi Everyone, once again hoping you can give me some advice. I have slowly been adding T3 to my levo. I had expected TSH and T4 to become lower which they have but there has been no change in the T3 levels. Latest blood results are

TSH 1.00 (0.35-4.94)

T4 9.0 (9.0-19.00)

T3 3.2 (2.8-5.7)

Present dose is 50 levo and 15mcg T3.

Before that I was on 50 levo and 10 mcg of T3 and blood results were

TSH 2.39

T4 9.6

T3 3.1

When I was on just 75 levo my bloods were

TSH 3.37

T4 13.1

T3 3.2

So I had expected the T3 levels to have increased. Could anyone explain why this has not happened? Do I need to increase the T3 further? I do have adrenal problems and wonder if this has a bearing on things. I have noticed a diff in how I feel , have more energy but also notice that struggle to actually rest, always seem anxious.

Any thoughts , advice greatly appreciated. All your help on past posts been amazing. Thanks.

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Blackcap, how long after increasing to 15mcg T3 was your blood test? FT3 doesn't respond to dose adjustment as quickly as TSH. An increase in T3 may be helpful in improving FT3 but may increase your restlessness and anxiety if you have adrenal issues.

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Hi clutter, have been on that dose for almost 7 weeks so thought would have responded by now. It is difficult to know whether to increase dose again. I am able to do more but at same time don't seem to be able to switch off either! It is so good to have a little energy as have been virtually bedbound. Still long way to go though. . i wonder if pushing body too quickly , too much for adrenals? In your experience would you expect the t3 to have increased ?.Thanks clutter for reply.x


Blackcap, Seven weeks was long enough for my FT3 to improve but symptoms lagged by 6-8 weeks after good biochemistry.

If anxiety has increased since adding T3 it may be better to increase Levothyroxine by 12.5mcg for a couple of weeks before increasing to 25mcg to see whether you feel better. That should improve your FT3 too. Some people don't tolerate T3 well, even though their FT3 is low.


Ok Clutter, yes could give that a try first. Thanks again.x


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