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B12 Deficiency & Thyroid Disease Conference

B12 Deficiency & Thyroid Disease Conference

The conference entitled, "B12 Deficiency & Thyroid Disease - Linking Nutrition, Genetics & Data" is now open to patients as well as professionals.

There are some great speakers especially Sally Pacholok RN BSN, author of the book, "Could it Be 12?" and Lorraine Cleaver, Scottish Parliament Petitioner.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick will be speaking about his excellent book, "Doctoring Data - how data are manipulated to present information in wildly inaccurate ways."

The conference is being held at Loughborough University on Saturday 16th May. It will be a great day out and you will be mixing with patients and professionals alike.

For more information and to book go to:

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Dr Kendrick is everywhere selling his books. At the TPA conference he commented that he was only just starting to look at thyroid issues giving impression that he knew as much as most GPs about thyroid problems.Then he had to rush off for more talks to journalists. Not sure how he fits in being a GP .

Gosh I am cynical today!


I'm glad he was, Treepie. I'd much rather he was doing that than being a GP if it means more things in the medical profession get questioned. We need more like him. We don't need more mediocre GPs.


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