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Triyotex is regular release!

I've been taking Triyotex together with additional southern Cynomel (I single bedtime dose) for a couple of years and I'm quite familiar with the box and the description. It is regular dose so don't get confused with misinformation and rumors quoted from sites with mere speculations. Some people are confused with capsules think there's something different.

There is absolutely nothing from this company that indicates that Triyotex is slow release. Nothing on the box, nothing in the literature. Just misinformation and speculation on internet sites. So, be aware. If something is time- or slow- released the manufacturer will say so on the box and in the drug lists.

This is a description of the drug:



Generic name: Liothyronine.

Pharmaceutical form and formulation: Capsules. Each capsule contains: Liothyronine equivalent to 75 mcg of liothyronine. Excipient qs 1 capsule.

Therapeutic indications: Treatment of hypothyroidism.

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Parafluie, thanks for the explanation. I believe there may also be a slow-release version of Triyotex but wasn't aware there is also regular release. The major concern is people being offered 75mcg dose which is too strong for most people instead of 25mcg Grossman Cynomel which isn't currently available.

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