Poor. Conversion? When blood results come back in the normal range but have hypothyroidism symptoms.. what next+

Hu all have posted my bloods and history but on a nutshell that's my question where to I go if my bloods are within range but I have symptoms. Endo appointment Saturday been ill years

any advice please see my profile for all bloods and history many thanks

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  • I wouldn't say you aren't converting, I would say you Don't have enough to convert! Try asking him about central/secondary hypothyroidism, where the TSH is low, but so are the FT4 and FT3.

  • Thatnks for check-in my bloodbloodknow my tsh has always been low even on borderline.

    So t4 and t3 are also low at those figures.?

    Many thanks

  • Yes, they are too low for you to feel well.

  • Hi

    I am having the same problem but also my new GP is clueless (bloods say your fine, no idea why your not so I'm afraid I am at a loss)!!! Aaagggghhh!!

    Managed to call my endo, totally under medicated so I have been upped on my thyroxine.

    Here's hoping it works.

    Good luck


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