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Poor. Conversion? When blood results come back in the normal range but have hypothyroidism symptoms.. what next+

Hu all have posted my bloods and history but on a nutshell that's my question where to I go if my bloods are within range but I have symptoms. Endo appointment Saturday been ill years

any advice please see my profile for all bloods and history many thanks

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I wouldn't say you aren't converting, I would say you Don't have enough to convert! Try asking him about central/secondary hypothyroidism, where the TSH is low, but so are the FT4 and FT3.


Thatnks for check-in my bloodbloodknow my tsh has always been low even on borderline.

So t4 and t3 are also low at those figures.?

Many thanks


Yes, they are too low for you to feel well.



I am having the same problem but also my new GP is clueless (bloods say your fine, no idea why your not so I'm afraid I am at a loss)!!! Aaagggghhh!!

Managed to call my endo, totally under medicated so I have been upped on my thyroxine.

Here's hoping it works.

Good luck



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