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Can someone help interpret test results

I have Hashimotos and after much experimenting with dosage I have gradually found significant improvement on levothyroxine 37.5 mcg and 12.5 mcg liothyronine. As I still have many symptoms, and would say I've reached about 6 out of 10 on the journey back to feeling well, I have recently seen a nutritional therapist and, as recommended in Dr Kharrazian's helpful book 'Why do I still have thyroid symptoms?' I've had Th1 and Th2 tests done to find out which aspect of my immune system is dominant. He says he finds benefit in treating people nutritionally even if one aspect is only marginally dominant over the other. If no one on this site can help with analysing these immune system results is there somewhere else I could look for help? The form I've got these results in does not correspond with the way the test results are described in Dr K's book.

The results are:

Test code: IL-2IL -4. Test description: ratio TH1/TH2. Result: 17. Reference range: 2 - 100 ratio

Test code: IFNG/IL4 Test description: ratio TH1/TH2 Result:211 Reference range 10 -350 ratio

Do hope to get some clarification as the test was expensive and I want to learn all I can from it.

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Arty123, have you asked the company who did the TH1/TH2 tests whether they can interpret them or advise where you go to get them interpreted?


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