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Will iron supplementing affect thyroid results?

Hi all,

couple of weeks ago I had my ferritin tested and it was a bit low (42,1 ng/ml (range 12,0 - 306)). I had my blood checked 2 weeks ago because I felt bad for a couple of weeks and it showed I was hyper. Since then I take 12,5mcg less and will get a blood test in 4 weeks.

Now my question, I want to supplement iron for about 6 weeks and then retest to get that level up. But I don't want to take anything that can mess up my thyroid blood result. I know iron is known to help with T4 to T3 conversion, 2 weeks ago FT3 was also tested and if you ask me it showed that the converting is going well. The big question; Will taking iron mess up my TSH and FT4 results?

Thank you.

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Definitely leave 4 hours between levo and iron. I always leave 4 hours between any supplements/minerals. Some people leave less time between those and 4 hours for iron.

Taking vitamin C with your levo can help with the conversion to T3.


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