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Blood tests after dose increase


I posted a few weeks ago as my G.P. had reduced my levo. from 100/125mcg alternatively to 100mcg. daily as he said my TSH was suppressed.

I stayed on the 100mcg. for a few weeks and felt worse so went back to G.P.

I asked about NDT "its cobblers" he said (his actual words) "what about T3" I said "oh we don't do that"

I said I know lots of people who are on both and they are very well on it, he just smiled, anyway he then said he would increase my levo to 125mcg. daily and went on to say the risk of heart and bone problems are only very very slight with a suppressed TSH (the complete opposite to what he said when he reduced the dose)

Usually a dose increase only seems to suppressed my TSH but never increases my T4 and T3 above mid range

I thought I would give the increased dose a try and have now been on it six weeks with no improvement.

Should I get my bloods tested now or would it be better to give it another two weeks before having it tested.

Any advice gratefully received.

Many thanks browny

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Browny, Neat way to get a dose increase, ask for the moon, then aim for the stars and win the prize 25mcg extra Levothyroxine ;) Good news about the suppressed TSH no longer being an issue. Perhaps your GP has been doing some research.

Six weeks should be just long enough to see improvement in FT4 and FT3 but 8 weeks would be better.


Thanks Clutter,

yes the extra 25mcg.levo. seemed to be the winning price according to my G.P. anyway.

I will have bloods checked in two weeks time and if no improvement on how I feel I am going to buy either some T3 or NDT.

I now feel I have given levo. a good try.

Many thanks browny


It's strange how the parameters change to suit the argument! Glad you got your increase and hope for positive results for you. It may take the body a little time to catch up with the results.


Hi silverfox7

Yes it is strange isn't it.

I will have my bloods done in two weeks and if I do not feel any better I am going to try adding T3 or try NDT as I feel I have given levo. a good try.

How are you getting on?

Best wishes browny


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